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The Quick and Dirty on How to Persuade with Data and Numbers

In an hour I have a meeting with many leaders I respect at Fuller, including our wonderful (fairly new) president, Mark Labberton. Had I read this HBR blog by Nancy Duarte beforehand, I would have created different handouts.

What was Sticky-Faith-ish about your Easter service?

I’m proud of how Sticky Faith-ish my church’s Easter service was yesterday. We have been moving toward periodic intergenerational worship services, and Easter was a great example of how to bring the generations together.

You Lose

Sometimes Christians reference today with words like “victory” and “triumph,” and use descriptors for Jesus like “champion.” But this is the day we remember that Jesus lost everything. Everything.

What’s the best way to help with homework? You might be surprised to find out

Four Words That Can Transform Your Conversations With Teenagers

Ever been in a conversation with a teenager where you weren’t sure what to say next? Maybe it was because of a surprising statement or shocking word choice. Maybe it was because you suddenly heard a secret, something incredible or something tragic. Or Maybe it was because you got hit with a hard question.

Can We Really Say Anything to God?

Growing up in church culture can leave young people hesitant about being honest with God. I can’t prove that from research, but I find that teenagers who are new to faith are much more willing than church natives to admit anger toward God or to name devastating loss for what it is.

Can I Believe in God and Evolution?

“I don’t really believe in God anymore, Jim,” Susan said flatly. We had tucked ourselves at the end of the long table because she said she wanted to talk.

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