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You Belong Here: Two new insights from education research

The good news about education research these days is that there are new voices exploring not only how kids learn, but why they do or don’t succeed, and what other outcomes are connected with education.

VIA MEDIA Shoot to Kill: The Real Impact of Violent Video Games

Throughout this series so far, we have sought to offer a more balanced approach than so much of what circulates in the media about digital technology and young people. In that same vein, we began researching violent video games thinking they were pretty harmless, eager to find proof that would help alleviate a lot of parental anxiety. However, the more we dug into the research, the more we became convinced that the genre of games known as “first-person shooters” are indeed capable of producing negative effects on young people.

VIA MEDIA Cheat Codes: A Quick Guide to Teens and Video Games

"Don’t you have anything better to do?" If you’ve ever muttered that out loud or in your head toward a teenager slothing the day away on a gaming device, the next two posts in our VIA MEDIA series are for you.

VIA MEDIA My [Own] Space: Supervision vs. Surveillance

In a scene from the film Jurassic Park, one of the scientists explains how the velociraptors have been systematically testing the electrified fence all the way around the perimeter of their captive environment. He points out that rather than running into the fence and shocking themselves repeatedly, the dinosaurs were clever enough to start tossing sticks at the high voltage fence instead.

VIA MEDIA Sticks and Phones: Preventing Digital Bullying

Current data suggest that between 4.5% and 24% of teens today have been bullied “online.” If you’re a parent or leader wondering whether your teenager might be among those percentages, in this post we will walk you through how to help prevent online bullying, how to spot it when it is happening, and how to respond if it does.

VIA MEDIA How Young is Too Young for Digital Technology and Social Media?

At what age should a person start using devices, apps, or social media? When we talk with parents about this, many express feeling like they’re holding the line in a battle for as long as possible. There is constant pressure, from multiple sides, for kids to start using more and more digital technology at earlier ages.

VIA MEDIA: A New Look @ Navigating Digital Technology with Young People

Would you believe that the percentages of young people who report sexting, feeling bullied or harassed on social media, and having seen explicit images online are all declining?