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A Sticky Faith Invitation From Fuller President Mark Labberton

Fuller Youth Institute

Did you know that Fuller’s President, Mark Labberton, used to be a senior pastor? We sat down with Labberton and asked him to share some of his thoughts about Sticky Faith and especially our yearlong Cohort process.

World-class thinkers gather at FYI for 2nd phase of new research project

Brad M. Griffin

So this week we’re salivating a bit as we launch into a three-day research summit with some incredible thinkers and ministry leaders from around the country. We’re in Stage Two of a three-phase project we announced last fall called “Churches Engaging Young People.” As we slog through mounds of data (hundreds of surveys and interviews from all kinds of interesting churches), these thinkers will help us...

Show and Tell: Using Media to Co-Create with Young People

Art Bamford

In FYI’s recent interview with digital media expert danah boyd, she advised church leaders to “focus on creating media that teens can appropriate, remix, or otherwise engage in and see what clicks…Work with youth to co-create this stuff. That is the core of authenticity for them.” Boyd’s suggestion seems easy enough, but it raises two important questions: Why is co-creating media “the core of authenticity” for young people? What are some ways that leaders can use collaborative media projects?