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3 Parenting Questions for Kristen Ivy

Kara Powell

This week we hear from author, mom, and ministry leader Kristen Ivy. Kristen serves as the Executive Director of Messaging at Orange, blogs at, and and is the co-author of Playing for Keeps. With her husband Matt, she parents two preschoolers in the Atlanta area.

Come create a Sticky Faith Culture with us. Join our next Cohort

Brad M. Griffin

When someone asks me that question, I can’t help but feel like responding, “How much time do you have to talk?” This past week the FYI team welcomed our Sticky Faith Cohort church teams here in Pasadena, and if we could have piped you into that gathering, you’d get a real sense for the energy and ideas that bounce around like sparks in a roaring campfire.

Real training for real urban leaders

Irene Cho

As a youth ministry leader in an urban setting, Tamika needed training relevant to her neighborhood. She needed to know that her professors weren't stuck in an ivory tower somewhere thinking hard, but that they were putting their heads to work alongside their hands in the trenches with young people in the city.