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Families and Digital Media: A FREE Live Panel

Fuller Youth Institute

Join us for a FREE Live Panel on Families and Digital Media featuring Kara Powell, Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute, and Steven Argue, FYI’s Applied Research Strategist.

Kara and Steve will be joined by more parents to share ideas and strategies for parenting kids and teenagers in a world saturated with digital media.

“Put that thing down!”

And more things you’d like to say to your kids about digital media

Matthew Schuler

And it’s true, during the holidays we start to notice just how many hours we spend sitting around as a family staring at screens. What is everyone doing? And more importantly, what are our kids doing during these electronic binges?

As parents, exposing our kids to digital media is like watching them walk into oncoming traffic.

How does the Cohort inspire teams to make big changes to connect the whole church?

Fuller Youth Institute

​Final Deadline to register for the 2016 Sticky Faith Cohort is December 15th! Join a community of leaders committed to building a Sticky Faith culture.

Still on the fence? Discuss any questions you have about the Cohort with Kara Powell, Brad Griffin, and a Cohort alum directly December 10th at 12pm. Reserve your spot for the call by emailing Brian Nelson at