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How is Christmas Comparison Robbing You of Holiday Joy?

Kara Powell

One friend collects ornaments from all her family trips, so her memory-filled tree looks amazing. Another friend makes multiple homemade treats for her family. Still another friend decorates the outside of his house to look like a winter wonderland.

I can’t keep up with my friends.

Via Media X6: Flirting, Dating & Relationships in the Cloud

Art Bamford

The whole process of flirting, dating, being in relationships, and the like has changed quite a bit thanks to digital tech. As you talk with teenagers about this, how do you address the issues of what is helpful and appropriate (or not) in romantic relationships online as opposed to in “real life”?  

Christmas Cards are Liars

Kara Powell

The Powell family Christmas cards include a picture like this. Cute family, right?  Love them to death. But here’s another picture our photographer took a few moments earlier...