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How can I connect with FYI at Youth Specialties’ NYWC in Atlanta this week?

Fuller Youth Institute

Great question! The FYI team will be around Youth Specialties’ National Youth Workers Convention in Sacramento and would love to see you. Here are a few ways to connect with us.

3 Parenting Questions for Ken Fong

Kara Powell

You’ve been committed to having honest dialogue about homosexuality. How do you try to have honest conversations with your teenage daughter about same-sex issues? Same-sex issues come up quite naturally with our teenaged daughter for a number of reasons. Until this season, she was a big fan of GLEE on television, which features numerous LGBTQ teens in the main cast.

3 ways the Sticky Faith Cohort changed our team

Fuller Youth Institute

It all started with an email from my friend Cory. His church had been part of a Sticky Faith cohort in 2011 and knew it would be right up my alley. He was right. Sticky Faith research and principles put language to things I had been thinking about for years.