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Year End 2014

Year End 2014


Our Mission

We exist to equip young people with the lifelong faith they need.

We do this by translating research into resources that open doors for kids, families, and leaders.

Our Goal

$594,000 is what it will cost to operate our programs and research initiatives in 2015. 

Your contribution will help FYI’s staff move its mission forward.






138 leaders have enrolled in our Urban Youth Ministry Certificate program since its start in 2006.  

123 churches have participated in our Sticky Faith Cohort to date.

Our social media audience grew by 80% in 2014 to 47,000 followers.

80% of churches who have been through the Sticky Faith Cohort have found our training more effective than any other ministry training.

85% of Urban Youth Ministry Certificate graduates said there was an improvement in their overall leadership and evangelism outreach skills.

Over 45,600 Sticky Faith book products were sold this year, increasing sales by 75% in 2014. Nearly 113,000 Sticky Faith book products have been purchased to date.

Our Sticky Faith speaking team shared with over 40,000 leaders, parents, and young people this year.


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Beyond the front door...


Building a Sticky Faith Family

When I come home from a demanding day at work, it’s easy for me to lose my temper and get angry with our two sons. After reading the “Handling Mistakes” chapter in The Sticky Faith Guide for Your Family, I’ve started asking my sons for forgiveness when I blow it. My example seems to have motivated them to do the same; now they have started to ask forgiveness when they make mistakes. That chapter alone has made our family and our home more peaceful and grace-filled.
The Sticky Faith Guide for Your Family has changed how I view mistakes. My wife and I now remind our kids and ourselves that perfection isn’t what we are aiming for. We are aiming for a grace-filled environment in our home in which it’s okay—and expected—to make mistakes and then talk about them. As a result of Sticky Faith, we are trying to embrace our mistakes, learn from them, and communicate our love to our kids not just in spite of our mistakes, but also through our mistakes.

—Andrew, parent of two



Connecting Young People in My Own Neighborhood to Jesus

The Certificate in Urban Youth Ministry has been life-changing in the way that I manage teams and approach leadership in my ministry. The reach of the program is far beyond just my learning, but is being multiplied in others who can now effectively share the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been sharing insights from the training I received through the program with other leaders in my church. They are learning not only to have compassion, but also to become sustainable, balanced, and effective leaders in ministry. The training has invigorated our ideas for collaborating and making changes in our community. I have also made changes in the way I reach out and minister to the students in my neighborhood.

Immediately following the Certificate courses, I became a mentor for the girls in our middle school program. I was challenged to take on the most difficult students and keep them engaged in both church and school, also helping them stabilize their role in their family life. The Certificate program taught me how to listen first, understand who they are, and then to meet them in their place of need. Once I understood the many challenges these girls faced, I introduced the gospel in a way that allowed them to share openly the challenges in their lives and then to embrace the opportunity to receive Christ. 

Because of the Certificate, I am implementing the tools and training I’ve received to help these girls get connected to Jesus, turn to him with their pain and struggles, and begin to find healing. The program established that setting the right environment and understanding how to measure outcomes is critical. Our ministry needs to be based on sustainable change, and not just immediate and momentary accomplishments. 

One of the best aspects of the Certificate program is that I was able to transfer all of the units towards the master’s degree I am now pursuing. The Certificate was challenging, but the impact it has made in my life and ministry has been immeasurable.

—Cheryl, Urban Youth Ministry Certificate graduate 


Creating Intergenerational Relationships 

I knew something was missing in our church’s ministry to students, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. Shortly after enrolling in the Sticky Faith Cohort (a dynamic learning group of innovative churches), I realized that we needed to shift the culture of our church away from segmenting students by age groups and toward a focus on intergenerational relationships. Almost immediately, we launched a ministry called Stock, in which adults invest in the lives of students by praying, supporting, and encouraging them. Each student is paired with a church member who comes alongside that student in his or her faith development. 

One example is Ashlee, a junior high student, and Laura her stockholder. As school started for the fall, Laura began initiating times to grow their relationship. They would go shopping, spend time in each other’s homes, and sit together at church. During lunch one day, Laura shared with Ashlee her favorite Bible verse and how God has used that verse to sustain her and remind her of God's love and grace. Laura’s honesty and regular investment in Ashlee has helped build a high level of trust in their relationship and helped Ashley move closer to God. For the first time, Ashlee now looks forward to going to church every Sunday because she feels like it is family to her. Due to Laura’s investment in Ashlee, Ashlee's parents are seeing new growth in their daughter’s faith. Our mission to create a culture of intergenerational relationships is moving forward in dynamic ways. 

What we realized through the Sticky Faith Cohort is that if we are going to help our kids live out their faith both internally and externally, we need a community of loving adults to invest in them. Using Sticky Faith resources and surrounding our kids with godly adults is helping our ministry reach our goal of nurturing lasting faith. 

—Elias, Sticky Faith Cohort Member


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Churches Engaging Young People (CEYP)

We recently hosted our Expert Advisory Council to shape the final phase of the research process and formulate next steps in this landmark study of 250 amazing churches nationwide.


The Sticky Faith Guide For Your Family

In every chapter of this book we released in August, parents get a front-row seat to research-derived findings that can help families develop lasting faith. This project has shaped 23,000 parents through the book, seminars and our new Family Update.

by Kara Powell, Executive Director




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